Are 13 Reasons Why’s Miles Heizer and Brandon Flynn dating?

In a word, no

13 Reasons Why's Miles Hezier and Brandon Flynn

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13 Reasons Why's the Netflix telly show that's got the whole world talking. Whether it's Lucy Spraggan deeming it a 'shit,' 'awful' portrayal of mental health issues or fans writing kinda creepy messages on Dylan Minnette's car; everyone's a teeny bit obsessed with it.

And one of the main questions being asked rn? Are Miles Heizer and Brandon Flynn - the guys who play love rivals Alex Standall and Justin Foley respectively - dating?

Cute pics of the pair all over each others' social media pages got everyone wondering if there's something going on between 'em (because obviously two close friends + multiple Instas = relationship, right?); but Miles's rep's now denied they're dating behind-the-scenes.

13 Reasons Why's Miles and Brandon kissing

Speaking to Page Six, the rep reportedly said: "This is a false report. Miles and Brandon are friends from the show but are not dating." So you can all stop shipping #Mandon now, soz.

13 Reasons Why's Miles Hezier and Brandon Flynn

Meanwhile one fan of the show took things a bit far when they left Dylan Minnette (the lad who plays Clay Jensen) a message about protagonist Hannah Baker on his car IRL. Read all about that over here, if you fancy.

Bit odd.


Victoria Beckham's just picked up a bloody OBE. Congrats, love.

13 Reasons Why's Dylan Minnette got the creepiest message left on his car

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