16 things Kim Kardashian’s new blonde hair looks like, ft. Lucius Malfoy, Javier Bardem and an Afghan Hound

Blondes have more... lookalikes.

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by Rhiannon Evans |
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Kim Kardashian's had her hair cut everybody! Whhhoooooo!

Big news, right? Well you can read the full story here.

We couldn't help but notice Kim's new look had a striking resemblance to a lot of stuff... a lot of stuff that made us laugh. Here's our favourite 16, in no particular order (ok, maybe the guinea pig is our favourite).


Things Kim Kardashian's new hair looks like

This Afghan Hound1 of 16

This Afghan Hound

This bird.2 of 16

This bird.

Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct3 of 16

Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct

This majestic horse4 of 16

This majestic horse

Wrestler Dolph Ziggler5 of 16

Wrestler Dolph Ziggler

Hailey Baldwin6 of 16

Hailey Baldwin

Robbie Savage7 of 16

Robbie Savage

White Todd8 of 16

White Todd

FABIO9 of 16


This Guinea Pig10 of 16

This Guinea Pig

Lucius Malfoy11 of 16

Lucius Malfoy

Scary Bob from Twin Peaks12 of 16

Scary Bob from Twin Peaks

Legolas13 of 16


Viserys Targaryen14 of 16

Viserys Targaryen

Xavier Bardem in Skyfall15 of 16

Xavier Bardem in Skyfall

This fella from the Rocky Horror Show16 of 16

This fella from the Rocky Horror Show

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