20 times Ellen DeGeneres was the best – from introducing us to Sophia-Grace and Rosie to scaring Taylor Swift A LOT!

Ellen rulez!

ellen degeneres

by Anna Lewis |
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There’s no denying it – Ellen Degeneres is basically one of the greatest human beings EVER!

Whether she’s doing one of her glorious impressions, or nailing it with her selfless charity work, Ellen’s the best.

So let’s take a look at all the times she was a total dreamboat.

When she danced with Barack Obama

When she was Nicki Minaj for the day

Oh, and when Nicki did this to her in return

When she taught Hilary Clinton how to boogie

When she was too cute with wife Portia De Rossi

When she allowed Kate McCinnon to do an incredible impression of her

When she orchestrated one of the greatest celeb selfies ever

When she introduced us to Sophia-Grace and Rosie

When she learnt how to use a Shake Weight

When she barged in on Jack and Rose on the Titanic

When she made R-Pattz touch Taylor Lautner’s Little Taylor

Anytime she scares someone

This one will probably always be the best though

When she made Britney do Gangnam Style

When she wasn’t in the mood for a night in the Red Room

When she undressed Mario Lopez

When she was really mean, and immediately regretted it

When she got Ryan Gosling to wear a onesie

When she met her doppelganger

When she did this. For whatever reason…

Don’t go changing, Ellen.

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