5 Seconds of Summer announce new album title and artwork!

Woohoo 5SOS second album time!

5SOS 5 Seconds of Summer

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5 Seconds of Summer are so close to releasing their new album and it sounds good feels good. Literally.

Ashton, Luke, Michael and Calum announced their second record will be released worldwide on October 23, titled *Sounds Good Feels Good. *See, we told you.

Speaking of the album, Ashton said: "We put all our heart and soul into ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’, I've never been more proud of anything in my life…it's for you!"

The boys also promised fans that if they pre-order a copy they can then download brand-new track Fly Away.

Three weeks ago, 5SOS unveiled the video for the first single from the album, *She's Kinda Hot, *which received over 5million views in 10 days.

Speaking about She's Kinda Hot, Ashton told MTV: "It’s definitely a song for the new broken scene kids, which are our fan."

5SOS have also collaborated again with big-shot rock producer John Feldmann, who is responsible for many 5SOS songs including Long Way Home, Kiss Me Kiss Me.

Earlier this year, when it was announced Feldmann would be working on the boys' second album, he told Buzzfeed: "The 5 Seconds of Summer guys are unbelievable musicians."

His first reactions to the talent in 5SOS was: "When they started singing I realised 'this is the best pop-punk band I've ever heard.' They can all sing.

"The drummer is a better singer than 90 per cent of the bands that I work with and he's the drummer. 5 Seconds of Summer, they're all really clear of what their job is.

"Calum is the best bass player 5 Seconds of Summer could ever have. He's a f**king phenomenal bass player. A lot of bands don't have that."

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Lauren Goodger and Jake Mclean lather themselves in chocolate body paint for Foxy Bingo


Lauren Goodger and Jake Mclean lather themselves in chocolate body paint for Foxy Bingo

Foxy-6510 low res1 of 6

Foxy-6510 low res

Lauren looks at Foxy with loving eyes. Watch out, Jake.

Foxy-6619crop low res2 of 6

Foxy-6619crop low res

Things heat up between the pair.

Foxy-6775 low res3 of 6

Foxy-6775 low res

Before things get messy...

Foxy-6894 low res4 of 6

Foxy-6894 low res

Jake demonstrates how to apply Fur Afters' chocolate body paint.

Foxy-7063 low res5 of 6

Foxy-7063 low res

Jake looks like he's had an accident.

Foxy-7144 low res6 of 6

Foxy-7144 low res

Lauren strikes a pose

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