5 Seconds Of Summer change their Twitter profiles to images of dogs! Erm…

Cheeky 5SOS cause a flurry between their fandom.


by Maria Vallahis |
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The strangest thing has happened. Have 5 Seconds Of Summer's Twitter accounts been hacked?

5SOS have changed their Twitter names and profile picture with a split image of four dogs and have posted multiple hastags including "Dogeocalispe" and "Dogefamfollowparty".

What's going on boys?

Now fans have got majorly involved and have been tweeting #DogeFamily after the band changed their main Twitter image and their Twitter name.

Appaz 'Doge' is a meme based on pictures of a Shiba Inus and a slang word for dog.

The meme tends to use grammatically incorrect phrases sprawled on images to represent feelings. Riiiiiight.

This isn’t the first time the guys have switched to a different name.

Last year, they took on the title of "5 Seconds of Ham". They’ve also been through 5 Seconds of Ewok and 5 Seconds of Toast.

This time fans don’t have to meme them because they’re ALREADY using the meme.

How bizarre...

So, here’s to our new life with Doge SOS — may it be a long and prosperous one.


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