50 Cent is dealing well with bankruptcy, then

We’re not sure this is a laughing matter, Fiddy, but all power to you buddy

by Emmeline Saunders |
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After the shocking news that globally famous rapper 50 Cent is now bankrupt – yes, bring on the inevitable jokes about him now being worth less than 50 cents – you’d think he’d be absolutely devvo, clinging onto his accountant’s ankles, crying in the street etc. etc.

Nah. Fiddy’s actually surprisingly joyous about the big financial decision, and even poked fun at himself on Instagram.

“Times are hard out here LMAO #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO,” he captioned this picture of himself standing next to a teeny car – we’re assuming the hashtags are those of sponsors, because let’s face it, that’s one way to get the rent paid next month.

Could we also suggest he tries one of those cash for gold companies too? They’re really good, Fiddy – just give them a ring, they’ll send you a sturdy envelope and you pop all your bling inside and send it off.

Before anyone moans about false advertising, fear not – rumours that he’ll be halving his name to 25 Cent are as yet unfounded (because we just made them up), but we’re sure he’s got a plan up his sleeve.

All joking aside, he’s playing in London’ O2 this Friday (17 July), so be a love and buy a ticket. There’ll be a collection hat going round afterwards, too.

10 most hated celebrity tattoos


10 Most hated celebrity tattoos

1. An ex partner's name...1 of 10

1. An ex partner's name...

The most commonly removed tattoo is an ex lover's name. This has been exemplified by many, many celebrities, but Katie Price is probably the most ridiculous.She literally had a cross put over her "Pete" ink dedicated to Peter Andre. Then eventualy covered it up with a flower. Probably the better option, eh?

2. Dolphins2 of 10

2. Dolphins

Everybody loves dolphins, right? WRONG. David Cameron's wife, Samantha, has the second most hated tatt. #Don'tSaveTheDolphins

3. Misspelt tattoos3 of 10

3. Misspelt tattoos

Typo tatts are the next most hated, ones like David Beckham's sanskrit number which is supposed to say "Victoria", but actually adds a rogue "h" for no reason. Oops.

4. Barbed wire4 of 10

4. Barbed wire

Seem's like Chezza's bum tattoo wasn't the only unpopular ink, barbed wire is the 4th most hated by Great Britain

5. Stars5 of 10

5. Stars

Yep, anyone alive in the 00s pretty much had stars emblazoned on their skin. Rihanna was no different.

5. Butterfly tattoos6 of 10

5. Butterfly tattoos

Butterfly tattoos were the 5th most likely to get removed, as sported by Mariah Carey and Vanessa Hudgens.

7. Chinese symbol tattoos7 of 10

7. Chinese symbol tattoos

Britney has one of these, it's meant to say "mysterious", but actually says "strange". Whoops.

8. The Celtic tattoo8 of 10

8. The Celtic tattoo

Yep, you guessed it. As worn by Adam Levine.

9. Zodiac tattoo9 of 10

9. Zodiac tattoo

Which you can also spot behind Rihanna's ear, along with that shiny penny your uncle is always finding behind ears

10. A fairy tattoo10 of 10

10. A fairy tattoo

The 10th most hated tattoo is the fairy tattoo, which can be seen on Britney Spears' lower back and Denise Richards' ankle (above).

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