8 celebrity wedding dresses – modelled by Jesy Nelson!

Here comes the bride…


by Ellie Henman |

Jesy Nelson is in the middle of wedding dress shopping right now. And we know that can be VERY stressful.

Yes, it’s fun when they give you the free champagne but putting on 10 dresses in a couple of hours is tiring. Especially when you can’t find the ‘one’.

So, to give Jesy a helping hand, we’ve put her in eight wedding dresses (worn by celebs) so she can get a feel for their styles…via the medium of poor quality photoshopping.

Personally, we think she looks the best in Nicky Hilton’s…but that’s just us…


Jesy Nelson wearing 8 celebrity wedding dresses

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Looking classic, like K-Middy

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Jesy could try out Lady Mary Charteris' more daring style

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Hippy chic, a la Kate Moss

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Or how about Lily Allen's lacy gown?

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Millionairess style, like Nicki Hilton, maybe...

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N'awwww. All loved up, just like Zara Phillips

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Lady Gaga pulled off this racy style wedding dress (just for a night out) - can Jesy?

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