Aaron Chalmers TAKES ON Twitter fans over Marnie Simpson’s CBB romance

Haterz gonna hate

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Aaron Chalmers, Marnie Simpson's on / off Geordie Shore squeeze, has taken to Twitter to talk about her CBB romance with ex-TOWIE star Lewis Bloor.

Earlier this week, Aaron deleted a tweet about Marns from his timeline, saying it was too "nasty" and replacing it with one in which he "wished her all the best".

But it seems that fans, and Aaron, can't let her blossoming on-screen romance go.

"Bet @AaronCGShore is loving watching #CBB Why would you kiss anyone other than Aaron... Have you got any eyes Marnie?" a user said.

But Aaron was quick to respond, assuring everyone that it's fine with him.

"@laurenpaige_xo I ain't watching it so it's all good... She can crack on," he replied.

So that's at least one thing Aaron and Ricky Rayment have in common: he claims he's not watching the show either.

Aaron also took issue with a user who said he needed to "grow up", protesting: "Excuse me? I haven't said anything about the whole thing!! I wish her the best and hope she smashes it in there regardless."

And he blasted a Twitter user who accused him of double standards. Aaron protested: "We can both do what we want because we are single and always have been so be quiet you know nothing."

Always single? What about the Geordie Shore date to a milkshake parlour? We have not forgotten.

Aaron wound up by protesting again that he doesn't watch CBB:

Which seems a shame. The rate that CBB goes through Geordies (Charlotte Crosby, Scotty T and Ricci Guarnaccio as well as Marnie) you'd have thought that Aaron would want to pick up some tips for his inevitable call up.

*CBB continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5. *

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