Abbey Clancy’s posted a new photo of baby Liberty Rose and she is SO CUTE WE MIGHT BURST

She's tiny now, but she'll grow TALL all right

Liberty Rose Crouch

by Shannon w |
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Little Liberty Rose Crouch was only born on Monday but she’s pretty much already famous. And why the heck not? She’s an itty bitty little bundle of joy if we’ve ever seen one.

New mum Abbey Clancy tweeted another new photo of little Liberty and captioned it “Spider monkey”, and isn’t she just a little monkey? We want a hug.

And look at her little feet!

Liberty’s dad, Peter Crouch, sounds slightly bemused by being the only man in the family. He tweeted:

Yeah, we bet you are, Peter. Hold tight, because you’re about to enter a life choc-full of long hair tangled in the plughole and conversations about going to the hairdressers at dinner.

Believe us, any conversation can suddenly turn to hair talk. ANY CONVERSATION, and your daughters will delight at being able to bore you with it, too.

And you’re going to have to deal with it all in the most passive aggressive, yet un-obviously passive aggressive way possible, so you can feel like you have some shred of masculinity left.

Build that man cave, and fill it with man stuff like spanners and issues of Viz, quick, while Abbey isn’t watching.

Check out Abbey's style file


Abbey Clancy style

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