Adam Collard declares his love for Zara McDermott with new tattoo

They've been dating a couple of weeks

Adam Collard and Zara McDermott

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He was this year's Love Island lothario, but it looks like Geordie boy Adam Collard is VERY happy with fellow Islander Zara McDermott right now. As well as declaring his love for Zara, Adam has only gone and got a 'Z' tattoo on his hand for his Love Island girlfriend.

Despite only dating for a number of weeks, Zara showed off Adam's brand new tattoo in her Instagram Story. Videoing the 'Z' on Adam's hand, Zara wrote, 'He just got a lil Z on his hand.' [sic]

Adam Collard tattoo
©© Zara McDermott Instagram Story

It comes just weeks after Adam admitted he 'loves' Zara during an interview with Caroline Flack on Love Island: Aftersun. When Caroline then asked Zara if she felt the same and if the couple were in love, both confirmed they were.

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Love Island 2018 couples still together (RADIO SLIDER)

Ellie Brown and Charlie Brake1 of 8
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Ellie Brown and Charlie Brake

After realising Dr Alex wasn't the right man for her, Geordie girl Ellie coupled up with Chelsea boy Charlie. After dating for a number of weeks in the villa, Charlie asked Ellie to be his girlfriend with a little help from the rest of the boys...However, just days later, the pair were dumped from the villa in a cruel twist which involved their fellow Islanders deciding their fate.

Ellie Brown and Charlie Brake2 of 8
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Ellie Brown and Charlie Brake

Despite missing out on a place in the final, Ellie and Charlie's relationship is going from strength to strength, with Ellie meeting Charlie's closest friends and family in London. The pair have since admitted to Caroline Flack that they are going to live together, with Ellie moving into Charlie's house in Chelsea.

Zara McDermott and Adam Collard3 of 8
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Zara McDermott and Adam Collard

Love Island 2018 fans thought that Geordie boy Adam Collard would never be tamed, after he made his way through four girls in the first few weeks... but that was until Zara walked in. Despite coupling up with another girl during his visit to Casa Amor, Adam expressed his feelings for Zara and even thought about leaving when she was dumped. Despite staying in the villa and kissing Darylle, Adam couldn't quite find the same spark he had with Zara.

Zara McDermott and Adam Collard4 of 8
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Zara McDermott and Adam Collard

After Adam was later dumped for the villa, he reunited with Zara and even told her he "loved" her during their interview with Caroline Flack on Love Island: Aftersun.Since then, both Adam and Zara have looked completely loved up and have attended a number of events together.

Samira Mighty and Frankie Foster5 of 8
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Samira Mighty and Frankie Foster

It took weeks to find her man, but when Frankie walked into the Love Island villa as a late arrival, Samira was blown away by him. Fans were later left heartbroken for the West End performer when Frankie was dumped from the villa, leaving Samira completely devastated at the turn of events.

Samira Mighty and Frankie Foster6 of 8
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Samira Mighty and Frankie Foster

However, after realising she wasn't going to find anybody else like him, Samira made the decision to quit the show and returned home to get her man. Fan footage later showed Frankie waiting at the airport for Samira to arrive, with the pair embracing each other in the cute video. They've since enjoyed time together and look happier than ever on social media.

Georgia Steel and Sam Bird7 of 8
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Georgia Steel and Sam Bird

It was the romance that no Love Island fans saw coming, but when Georgia had her heartbroken by Josh, Sam was ready with open arms to console the loyal 20-year-old. After getting to know each other for a number of days, the pair were going from strength to strength until a cruel twist made them decide between leaving the villa together or staying and splitting up. In a decision which wasn't understood by their fellow Islanders, Georgia and Sam decided to split up and remain in the villa, with bosses throwing in new faces for them to go on dates with.However, after realising they'd made the wrong decision, both Georgia and Sam refused to recouple with anybody else and were therefore dumped from the villa one week before the final.

Georgia Steel and Sam Bird8 of 8
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Georgia Steel and Sam Bird

Since leaving the show, Sam has been round to Georgia's family home to meet her parents and now they've admitted they are going to move in together in London. Sam also officially asked Georgia to be his girlfriend during a live interview on Good Morning Britain.

Although Adam may seem loved up now, the 22-year-old caused quite a stir when he first entered the villa back in June.

Adam entered the villa after the original ten islanders had already coupled up and set his sights on Kendall Rae-Knight, he took the 26-year-old on a date and kissed her that night. He then chose to ‘steal’ Kendall from Niall Aslam (who sadly left the villa a short time after).

Then entered Rosie Williams, and Adam’s signature statement ‘I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find her attractive...’ became the subject of many jokes and memes. Only 45 minutes after ending things with Kendall, Adam was kissing Rosie and he then chose to couple up with her, sending poor Kendall home first. Things seemed to be going well for Rosie and Adam, with the pair even becoming members of the ‘do bits society’. There was a slight bump when it seemed Adam might have had his head turned by Megan Barton-Hanson, but she didn’t fall for his charms and Adam stayed with Rosie.

Adam Collard
©Adam Collard © REX/Shutterstock

Enter new girl Zara McDermott who caught Adam’s eye, with him telling the 21-year-old Government Advisor that he had an instant connection with her. In a case of history repeating itself (or karma), Adam then kissed Zara only a short time after things ended with a visibly upset Rosie.

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Rosie was dumped from the villa and it seemed that Adam had settled down and met someone he did care about, however a shock dumping that saw the Islanders pick who went sent Zara packing whilst Adam stayed. As a distraught Zara sobbed, Adam told Ellie Brown he couldn’t imagine ‘meeting a girl like Zara in a million years’.

Zara was out of the villa posting about waiting for Adam. However Adam was having another ‘instant connection’ with new girl Darylle Sargeant at Casa Amor, sharing a bed and kissing her. Zara was seen watching the show shocked but said she’d see what happened with Adam when he was out.

But after Adam was dumped shortly after, he realised Zara was the girl for him and the couple have seemed loved up ever since.

Will they last?

Love Island continues every night at 9pm, with the final taking place on Monday 30th July.

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