Adam Rickitt discusses his battle with bulimia: ‘I threw up 30 times a day’

Big Reunion star Adam Rickitt has discussed how his eating disorder affected his life

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Looking at 90s star Adam Rickitt, you would think he is the picture of health.

But behind the six pack Adam was struggling with bulimia.

The 36-year-old (who shot to fame on Coronation Street before launching a pop career) appeared on breakfast TV to speak to Lorraine Kelly about his eating disorder.

Adam explained to Lorraine that his problems started at school, where he felt that he didn’t ‘fit in’.

He said: "I was eating to try and keep my weight up so I could get back training and literally, I’d just without realising, been eating and eating and eating for two hours stood up and was just sick on the spot.

"Now whereas most people would be 'Oh my God I've been sick it’s terrible’'I looked at my watch and went ‘I've just not had to think for two hours’ so I did it straight again and it started out as a way of distracting my brain.

"But the problem once you get on that destructive road, it just snowballs and snowballs and snowballs and by the end of it, 18 months later, I was setting my alarm for six o’clock in the morning so I could start eating and bingeing and I was throwing up up to 30 times a day."

He added: “I was so embarrassed because I had no reason to be feeling like this so it was even worse because I knew I was punishing my parents and I knew everyone knew as well and that was the worst thing."

Luckily, Adam managed to beat his demons and is now happily settled with wife Katy, who he married last year.

Adam said: "It was part of me and who I was and to me the reward for getting through that was meeting Katy."

If you are affected by Adam’s story you can find support at

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