‘Lucky’ Adam Thomas talks working with niece Scarlett on Waterloo Road

Ryan Thomas’ daughter is set to star alongside her uncle in the BBC show


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Adam and Ryan Thomas have been on TV since their soap days in the early noughties. Now both family men – they have five children between them – it’s hard for the pair (as well as third brother Scott) to find time to socialise. But they’re hanging out together now for a new Oreo campaign… while chatting to heat!

Brothers Adam and Ryan have been working together to taste all the bizarre new flavours of Oreo

What does a typical Thomas family get-together look like?

Adam: A lot of gin and tonics! I’ve got a restaurant in Manchester called The Spinn, so we often end up having a bite to eat there and chilling out together.

Speaking of family, Adam, you’re currently filming for Waterloo Road with your niece, Ryan’s daughter Scarlett. What’s it been like working together?

A: [Sarcastically] It’s such hard work. I’m joking, we’ve had so much fun on set together. It’s her first acting job, so I’m so lucky to be able to share in this moment with her.

Ryan: It’s a bit weird for me that Scarlett is Adam’s on-screen daughter, but it really puts me at ease that for her first job, she’s working alongside her uncle, so he can keep an eye on her and guide her through it. She’s wanted to be a performer since she was little.

A: It clearly runs in the family!

Ryan, you recently welcomed another daughter, Lilah Rae, with your fiancée Lucy Mecklenburgh Congratulations! How’s everything going?

R: Thank you! I can only describe it as beautiful chaos. Lucy really is the most incredible mother. With Roman having a dairy intolerance, everything was quite difficult, so Lilah Rae seems pretty easy by comparison.

How is Roman as a big brother?

R: He’s absolutely loving his new role. He likes to help out by passing us the nappies when we’re changing her, which is really sweet.

How do you manage to balance family life with work?

R: Being a parent is the hardest job of all, but also the most rewarding. I have to champion Lucy and our families, because they’re so supportive and always willing to lend a hand. Raising kids really is a whole team effort.

A: It really comes down to having a supportive partner. Caroline [Daly, his dance teacher wife] is just so incredible at accommodating my work, even though she’s got her own stuff going on as well.

You both love reality shows. Adam, you’re doing Strictly this year, and Ryan, you did The Games – how was that?

R: Amazing. I was there with such a good group of people. Plus, it’s always a blessing when I can combine fitness with a job.

A: I love doing reality shows, because you get to have the experiences yourself, rather than through your character. The shows that I’ve done like Don’t Rock The Boat and I’m A Celeb… were genuinely life-changing experiences and I’m so lucky to have been a part of them.

Who’s the more competitive of the two of you?

A: Ryan, all day long.

R: Unless Scott’s here. In which case, it’s him!

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How does it feel to be working together, tasting all the new bizarre flavours of Oreo?

A: We have so much fun when we work together, although it’s becoming rarer and rarer these days. Obviously, we love Oreos, as well, so when they approached us with their Twist campaign, we jumped at the chance.

R: My house always has Oreos in it, because they are completely vegan, which is great for Roman and his dairy allergy. This feels like a real family campaign, which is really nice. We’ve been trying all the crazy flavours.

A: My favourite is still the classic, but the salsa Oreo was surprisingly nice.

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