‘Welcome to Mexico!’ Adele almost gets attacked by a rogue bat



by Joel Cooper |
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When you’re a global superstar, it’s expected that there might be a gate crasher or two who tries to sneak into your show without paying.

But in poor Adele’s case, she was plagued by ACTUAL BATS who snuck in while she was performing at her latest gig in Mexico City on Tuesday.

Everything was running smoothly as she finished up her hit, Don’t You Remember.


But the atmosphere quickly turned chaotic when the star flapped around in a panic on stage after spotting a rogue bat flying through Palacio de los Deportes.

“There’s a bat!” she yelled, telling an audience member: “It landed right by your head.”

“Oh my god, there’s a f-cking bat,” she continued. “It’s true, welcome to Mexico! I’m happy to be here but a f-cking bat, Jesus Christ.”

And it turns out the incident wasn’t a one off for the singer, as she once had a similar encounter with a terrifying bat in her own home.

“Anyway, like I said. One time a bat got into my house. It was very scary,” she explained.

“I was on my own. It very, very, scary. I had to deal with it. I had to put all the lights off and put a torch right by a window. It’s a long story, I’ll tell you another time.”

Another time, Adele? We only have now. Spill the beans already, won’t you?


Ah well, at least the Hello hitmaker is continuing her Adele Live 2016 tour into, well, er, 2017.

So there will be plenty more opportunities for a colony of bats to swoop down on her, so that we can find out exactly how that story ended.

Hard-working Adele will finish the US leg of her 112-date tour in Phoenix, Arizona on 21 November before taking a break for Christmas.

Bless her, she deserves a break!

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