Adele set for a HUGE career change after tour

We approve!


by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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You know how we absolutely LOVE everything that Adele does because she’s pretty much the best human on the planet?

Not only can she get away with burping in a fan’s face at Glastonbury, she’s also best mates with Sid Owen (aka RICKAAAY from EastEnders) and can rap Nicki Minaj’s bit in Monster flawlessly (which we realised is actually really hard after dedicating an hour to learning it before giving up).


And NOW there’s news that she might even be giving up belting out ballads in order to do a pretty normal job.

Adele wouldn’t be the first celeb to quit stardom for something normal.

Remember when Simon Cowell gave up being a music mogul to become an Estate Agent for eight months?


When she’s done with touring it seems Adele might be heading back to school – to become a TEACHER.


She attended the infamous Brit School, whose alumni include Amy Winehouse, Jessie J and – let’s not forget – Dane Bowers, and apparently she’s thinking of going back to encourage other talented soon-to-be megastars.

A spokesperson told The Sun on Sunday: “Adele is grateful for the success she’s had and has been talking a lot about her beginnings while on tour.

“Talking about how teachers influenced her has made her think more seriously about teaching herself.

“Once she has recovered from the tour, she would love to teach a few classes.”


How flippin’ amazing does that sound? Attendance would be through the roof AND you’d probs get a load of first hand celeb goss.

We’re SERIOUSLY considering ways to get a spot on Adele’s master class. And we reckon we’ve got a shot.

Remember how Drew Barrymore plays a journalist in Never Been Kissed who goes back to high school and pretends to be a teenager?

Just saying.

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