Adele turned down the BIGGEST gig of her career


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by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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Adele has been our one true love since the moment we heard the piano keys tinkling to Hometown Glory, and we're pretty sure absolutely every human ever loves her. How could you not? She prances around the stage talking about her beard, burps in fans' faces and managed to fit a whopping 33 swears into her 90 minute Glastonbury performance.

Plus she's got some of the most epic vocal chords we've ever heard, AND she's secretly BFFs with Rickkaaaay from EastEnders, aka Sid Owen.

So you'd think when the BIGGEST popstar on the planet is offered the BIGGEST gig of her career it's pretty much a done deal, right?


Adele Glastonbury

The loud-mouthed queen of our hearts has just revealed that she turned down a gig of epic proportions – the coveted halftime show during the Super Bowl.


It's a platform that has seen spectacular performances from the likes of Prince, Michael Jackson and Beyoncé (who just happens to be Adele’s personal hero, BTW). But Adele waved the opportunity ta-ta and was all thanks-but-no-thanks about the chance to belt out her tunes to 115 million viewers next year.

According to The Sun, she said: "That show is not really about music and I don't dance or anything like that … but they were very kind and they did ask me but I did say no."

Um. What about US, Adele? We would have loved to see her cutting shapes with a huge dance crew. Even if it’s near impossible and slightly off-beat to do the worm and whack out a head spin to Someone Like You, we definitely would have tried it.

Did Adele blow the chance to show off on the biggest stage in the world?


But TBH we were MORE than happy with her Glasto set. Anyone who is able to squeeze in a swear every three minutes WHILE singing a full set deserves a medal.

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