OMG – are Aisleyne Horgan–Wallace and Jason Burrill ACTUALLY together?

Our Big Brother queen spills the beans to heat


by Polly Foreman |
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Who's the absolute no.1 undisputable QUEEN of Big Brother? There's only one answer to that question, and it's AISLEYNE HORGAN-WALLACE.

If you disagree, you'd quite frankly better know yourself, little girl.

And the Big Bro queen has recently been linked to a Big Bro king (/ shock winner of the last series), Jason Burrill.

Jason Burrill

By linked, we mean she threw an Evian bottle in his face on a north London street.

But one doesn't tend to throw bottles in the faces of one's friends and acquaintances, so we had a chat with Aisleyne (who's just released a free fitness app, BTW) to find out more about this potential romance.

"We're good friends and we spend time together when our schedules allow it," she told us. And when we asked if she saw a future, she replied: "I don’t know, we'll see. We'll just have to see. If he's a good boy, maybe."

We think that means a definite yes.

Speaking about bottle-gate, she said: "I didn't know I had such a good shot, it's probably because of all the fitness I do now.

"No children, animals or grown men were hurt in the production of the situation that happened."

aisleyne horgan wallace

Good to know, Aisleyne, good to know.

Jason was linked to Chloe Khan a while back after they judged Pup Aid together (and were spotted holding hands, possibly), but Aisleyne insists there was nothing going on and brands Chloe's behaviour (getting with a taken Stephen Bear in da loo etc) as "nasty".

Chloe Khan Celebrity Big Brother

"Anyone that knows a man's got a girlfriend and goes there, especially on nation TV, it's nasty, it's bitter behaviour to do that."

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