Alan Davies accused of grabbing a climbing instructor by the throat

No arrests made, but instructor says the actor was 'growling'


by Heat |

Alan Davies has been accused of grabbing a climbing instructor by the throat in front of his children. The 48 year old was at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre in north London when an instructor, Eamon O'Connor, tried to walk past them: ‘When he reached the bottom of the stairs he just turned and went for me,' he told The Sun. 'He just flipped. He grabbed me by the throat. He was growling and not making any sense. The only words I heard were "I've got my kids with me".

Bit disturbing, but nobody's been charged with anything and no arrests were made. 'Police were called on 10 October to reports of an altercation between two men at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre,' the Metropolitan Police have stated. 'No parties involved required hospital treatment.One man, aged 48, was interviewed under caution on suspicion of common assault. He was not arrested. Following an investigation which included analysis of available CCTV and speaking to witnesses, a decision was taken that there would be no further action.'

The incident is supposed to have taken place in October.

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