Alex Bowen proves devotion to Olivia Buckland with ‘no kissing’ rule


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by Polly Foreman |
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Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland's relationship has been pretty unusual post Love Island (actually, it was pretty darn weird during the show – they were bonking on the tele).

Alex Bowen Love Island

First, a dick pic to end all dick pics started circulating on social media - that ALLEGEDLY belonged to him.

Have you seen the peen? Of course you've seen the peen. Literally the whole world has seen the peen.

If you haven't seen the peen, you can do so by clicking HERE.

And then he got accused of sending dick pics to other women – we don't know how he manages to fit his dick into all these dick pics, but he must have a system.

Someone tweeted the two saying: "@ab_bowen @OliviaDBuck do u care he is sending dick pics to other women? If not you're stupid and need your head checked"

But he was quick to refute the accusation, saying: @HollyMadisonxox @OliviaDBuck silly little girls on Twitter have no clue jog on."

And even Olivia waded in, saying: "@HollyMadisonxox @ab_bowen07 thought I'd make your day boo boo. Give you something else to talk about."

What's boo boo?

But it appears Alex is still feeling slightly paranoid in the aftermath of this accusation, as he seems to be taking extra care not to appear naughty – and has apparently BANNED fans from kissing him in selfies.

Someone (presumably a fan) tweeted him saying: "@ab_bowen said to a girl after she kissed his cheek for a photo 'no kissing photos' and deleted the picture @OliviaDBuck"

Which is pretty fair enough if you ask us.

Alex and Olivia's relationship still seems to be going strong. They've publicly discussed moving in together, and Alex even seems to have agreed to marry her.

Olivia meanwhile has sparked speculation that she's been airbrushing her waist in photos – and we gotta admit, it looks a hella tiny…

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