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Alex Bowen Penis

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We love Alex Bowen.

We love his face (fit), his total #goals relationship with Olivia Buckland and their CUTE puppy, Reggie.

He's even got his own Instagram account!

But if there's one thing we love about Alex more than everything else, it's his enormous peen.

Seriously, it's massive.

In case you've been living under a rock, the picture started doing the rounds on the internet in July, and while you can't see the face of the well-endowed gent, those tattoos gave the game away…

So when we met Alex at The Clothes Show in his hometown of Birmingham, we just HAD to ask how he felt about the whole thing.

He told us that while it is pretty weird coming out of the villa, being handed your mobile phone back in a plastic bag (legit thing that happened) and turning it on to hundreds of messages and tweets, he's grateful for the good reception:

"I'm not going to lie, it's a really good feeling to be labelled that from Love Island."


"When you go on a show like that, you have to expect all the bad tweets. You have to be mentally strong. When that picture came out, I wasn't really bothered because they watched me on Love Island and saw things all the way through the series…"

Fair enough.

Even Olivia doesn't mind talking about the IRL aubergine emoji, telling us that the pic coming out didn’t bother her at all.

One question we're also DESP to know is whether a Love Island wedding is on the cards, and Alex told us something pretty exciting…

"We're the strongest couple out of everyone on the show. Everyone thought we were gonna split up, but when you know, you know. I've moved to Essex away from all my family and friends, but it felt right. I'm not going to say yes to marriage, but I'm not going to say no because you'll print it and she'll know when I'm going to do it!"

Our invite's in the post then, yeah?

As for all that Zara drama, Alex is totally over it:

"I'm past that. I don't think she should have got stripped [of her title]. She's a girl who's gone on a show called Love Island, what do they think. Sex is a normal thing. I wasn't Mr GB so I had nothing to lose. We don't really talk now but we're civil, we've made up."

What a nice guy. Olivia, you are a lucky lady - in more ways than one…

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