Alex Bowen BLASTS Zara Holland over Love Island sex

Not very cool, TBH

Love Island

by Georgina Terry |
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*Loose Women *yesterday made for verrrrry uncomfortable viewing.

Zara Holland, who was infamously stripped of her Miss GB title for the temerity of having sex on a show called *Love Island *(for goodness' sake), was brought face to face with the woman who replaced her, Deone Roberston.

Err, LOL?

But that wasn't the worst of it. Some of the Loose Women really went in on Zara, with one stating: "Part of the belief about sticking up for women's rights is sticking up for your own decency."


Love Island

And now Alex Bowen, Zara's Love Island sex partner, has waded in, saying he is not to blame for her losing the Miss GB title.

"For the people which are coming at me because of the Zara situation which is old new snow but whatever…

"Zara had a title as she made clear on many occasions, I didn't hence why I did what I wanted..

"People say nobody blames the lad, well I wasn't mr England if I was, and then she got stripped of her title and I didn't then yes you have an argument but that's not the case.

"I don't regret anything I have done because you learn and move on…

Zara Holland Love Island

"Apologies she lost her title but It's not my fault at all.

"It's happened, it's done, accept it; but don't blame it on being drunk because that was not the case. MOVE ON. [sic]"

Oh, Alex, if only we could all move on from the staggering disparity between the way men and women demonstrating their sexuality is treated. You've kind of got to admire his naïve optimism.

In related news: have you seen that picture purporting to be of Alex's MASSIVE WANG?. It's incredible.

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