Big Brother’s Alex Cannon on Jackson Blythe and Georgina Leigh Cantwell: ‘He wants to marry her’

Very true, TBH

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You may be aware that Alex Cannon had a BIT OF A BLOODY MARE in last night's Big Brother – being told you're the least popular AND instantly getting evicted from the show is a bit of a shitty pairing, if you ask us.

Sam and Alex

But he seems to be in high spirits – speaking to heat earlier, he said that MARRIAGE to Vicky Pattison "might be on the cards", and spoke animatedly about their super-cute friendship.

Alex Cannon

And Mr Cannon didn't stop at discussing his own relationship – he also opened up about best mate Jackson Blythe and Georgina Leigh Cantwell's bond.

If you'll remember, they had a (kinda weird and unexpected) fling that was cruelly cut short when Georgina was evicted from the house a few weeks ago.

Speaking about their relationship, Alex said: "They're yin and yang, aren't they! Lady and the Tramp is what I used to call those two. He was a street boy and she was a pretty little princess. But they're great together. They complement each other.

"They get on great, although Georgina did wear the trousers and Jackson did what he was told, she wasn't bad to him. It just got edited in a bad way for the storyline. I think they're great together and I wish them all the best. I love them both to bits."

When we asked if he thought they'd last in the outside world (which, let's be honest, these things rarely do), he said: "I'd like to think so. Jackson is head over heels with her. He said he wants to marry her. We'll see. This is the test of the relationship, now that they're out in the real world and people start to chip away at them."

Jackson and Alex were bezzie mates in the house, and it looks like Al is keen to continue the bromance on the outside. "If he wants me to be his best man, I'll be there in a heartbeat. One hundred per cent."

Can we be bridesmaids?

The Big Brother final starts at 9pm on Channel 5 TONIGHT.

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