Alex Cannon talks about MARRYING Vicky Pattison: ‘I think it might be on the cards’


Alex Cannon and Vicky Pattison

by Polly Foreman |
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Best mates Alex Cannon and Vicky Pattison are quite literally the reality TV Romeo and Juliet. We can see they're supposed to be together, but there's just so many obstacles in their path – Alex disappearing into Big Brother for almost three months, Evelyn Ellis, [Vicky's rumoured new man](

), etc etc.

But it seems like the pair could FINALLY be reaching their happy ending, as Mr Cannon has spoken ever so lovingly about his pal.

Alex Cannon

Speaking to heat after his SHOCK EVICTION from the house, he said: "I missed that girl so much. I'll be seeing her tonight, tomorrow - so can't wait.

"We just had a catching up and we were just laughing down the phone."

He even spoke about a deal the two have to marry at the age of 30, saying: "I think that might be on the cards… I'm a bit younger than her so she'll have to wait longer."

In the short term though, he said he was happy to keep things as they were and not put any pressure on starting a new relationship.

He said: "We're just literally the best of friends. I love her to bits… I've never been that close to a girl in my life so to make that decision and go and do that would be a game changer. We're happy as we are now and I love her to bits and she says she loves me.

Alex Cannon

"If it happens it happens. If it doesn't it doesn’t. Obviously she's in my life, I'm happy."

Is it just us, or is anyone else getting SERIOUS friendship / relationship / marriage / everything goals right now?

#cannonandpattz <3

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