Alexa Chung responds to Oscars criticism that she “didn’t do her film research”

We just had an exclusive chinwag with Chung who revealed her true feelings on the matter


by Hannah Brimson |
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It feels like an age away since the Oscars, but it was in fact only two days. How did that happen? Fashion guru and all-round beauty Alexa Chung hosted the panel show for the Academy Awards on Sky, and some meanies have been having a go at her saying her film knowledge wasn't up to scratch. Chungy revealed that she didn't know who Neil Patrick Harris was, she hadn't seen some of the movies and had only part watched some others whilst on flights. We don't really blame you Alexa, those first-class planes are WELL comfy (we imagine).

Anyway, we caught up with the star on the red carpet at tonight's Elle Style Awards, where she exclusively told us: "I thought being on the panel was really fun. I was there to critique the fashion not the films so I think it was more of a misunderstanding. You know, when there is an expectation and you don't meet it and I think that's when it may have been disappointing, but I was there for the fashion."

We also asked her if she took any inspo from the late Joan Rivers, to which she replied: "She's in a league of her own, I couldn't even begin to touch the sides of her talent."

Well said, Alexa. The haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate after all.

There's no denying she knows a thing or two about fash
There's no denying she knows a thing or two about fash
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