TOWIE’s Amber Dowding hits back at a cruel body-shamer on Twitter


Amber Dowding is in hospital

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TOWIE’s Amber Dowding has gone on a fiery Twitter rant after being mercilessly trolled about her weight.

The Essex babe - who is currently going out with Chris Clark - shared screenshots of some of the vile messages she’d been receiving from one individual, with the caption: “You know what I never normally rise to these trolls. But this is a boy commenting on my pictures - these aren't all of them but just ...”

Some of the nasty comments included: “You really need to hit the gym” and: “Fat fat everywhere!”

And that's not all. The troll went on to tell Amber that she was a “lazy fat f*ck.”


But quick to shut down his messages, Amber added: "Wanted to share the sort of disgusting things we have to deal with. As a young women on TV it's very easy to criticise ourselves & with.

"People [in this case A MAN] commenting on my pictures about my weight. 1. What is fat? Everyone comes in different shapes & sizes...

"& that's what makes every single one of us beautiful in our own way. 2. I think it's VILE that people think it's ok to be so nasty about.

"Someone's appearance. So just so you all can all see the shit that we get from disgusting people."

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Amber went on to tell her troll she was happy with her weight, before signing off: "Imagine if that was your son or daughter receiving them comments .. how would it make you feel?"

"Anyway. To that man .. I am happy with my weight & my body thank you. Rant done. Night."

We bet that showed him. Well done Amber, you shut him DOWN!

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