Amber Rose is ROLLING in it after launching emoji app

Amber Rose

by Laura Donaldson |

Amber Rose has reportedly made $4 million in the last 4 days. A million a day, people!

What’s brought on this insane payday for Mz Rose? Her very own emoji app - MuvaMoji.

The app was released on Wednesday, March 30, and TMZ is reporting that the app grossed $2 million on it’s release day alone.

On top of it’s success, Amber is also said to have scored a signing bonus with the app's developer Appmoji, Inc. Kerching!

The app, similar to Amber’s former-rival Kim Kardashian’s, has over 900 emojis which allow users to customise its sizes and colours. Images include stripper poles, big butts and a 'Free Kesha' sign.

Amber took to Twitter to celebrate the success of her latest venture, posting an emoji of her, fittingly, makin’ it rain.

As for those Kim K similarities? TMZ says Amber is “adamant” there was no attempt to imitate or copy Kim's super-successful app and that she's “confident the app perfectly reps her personality.”

Can you guess all the celebs from these emojis?

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