Amelia Lily has FINALLY opened up about her relationship with Sam Thompson

And it sounds like Tiff can breathe a sigh of relief

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Amelia Lily and Sam Thompson were practically married in Celebrity Big Brother, but since coming out of the house, they've kept everyone guessing as to what's going on between them.

Have they finally shared a kiss? Was their date all they hoped it would be? WHAT DOES TIFF HAVE TO SAY ABOUT IT ALL?!?

After watching the pair on our screens for the best part of a month it was rather distressing that we couldn't just be a fly on the wall anymore, watching their relationship unfold before our eyes…

So you can imagine our excitement yesterday when Amelia Lily finally opened up about what's going on with the Made in Chelsea star, admitting that their previous relationships had stopped them from getting serious.

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Sam was with co-star Tiffany Watson for almost three years, whereas Amelia Lily has just come out of a four year relationship with Steve Ruston.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: “We're just hanging out. We're both very busy at the moment. I bumped into him on Friday.

“We went on a date last Wednesday and it was nice."

Refusing to put a label on their situation, she added: “We both came out of long term relationships so we're friends and hanging out and seeing where it goes. Who knows what the future holds.”

Oh, COME ON AMELIA! We want some answers.

Tiffany Watson Sam Thompson
Sam and ex-girlfriend Tiff

Speaking after he left CBB, Sam also remained coy about any future plans for romance adding: “I've just come out of a very long relationship.

"When you're in a place with someone for three weeks and there are three rooms, you're always going to get attracted to certain people like magnets.

"She was my friend first, I always found her attractive and she's immensely talented...

"I don't know if I'm ready to get into a relationship."

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