Amelle from the Sugababes is MARRIED!

Amelle Berrabah from the Sugababes is now a married lady, yay!

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by Fiona Day |

According to the singer’s Twitter, Amelle got married this weekend after getting engaged a week ago.

She tweeted her followers: “Sorry for the sudden announcement but I am officially Mrs Sousa Rosa!!! #ImMarriedYa'll!!! #yay #blessed #sohappy”

The 30-year-old’s boyfriend- a record company CEO named Marcio- popped the question during a romantic month-long holiday.

She told fans: “We're engaged!! Some spend a lifetime trying to find their other half... Their one true love... Like a jigsaw where you fit together completely and then complete each others souls. I've found him and He has found me... The other part of me.. My true love. #SoHappy #TrueLove #MyBestFriend #MyNight #MyDay #MyHeart #MyEverything #ILoveYouMarcio #EuTeAmo.”

Amelle recently took part in BBC’s gymnastics show Tumble, and revealed during a recent interview that her new man was more than happy with the effect that training was having on her physique.

She said: “He’s started making me stand still for a joke so he can just look at certain areas.

“I could do the splits before but let’s just say I’m a lot more flexible now.

“You could say I’ve been training in the ­ bedroom as well as in the gym. I can certainly do a few new things that I couldn’t do before.”


Congratulations Amelle and Marcio!

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