Amy Childs poses with a HUGE SPARKLER on her ring finger! Is she ENGAGED?

So blingin' our eyes can't stare straight at it.

Amy Childs

by Maria Vallahis |

Amy Childs has gone on a bit of a Instagram-posting spree while on holiday in Portugal to show-off her toned abs and a very sparkly ring on that all-important finger.

The former TOWIE star shared three images to her 244k followers, all of which focus on the blinging ring.

In two of the images it looks like the ring is on the correct hand (left) for an engagement and in the third images it looks like it could be on her right hand. Are you engaged, Amy?


Only a few days ago did the 25-year-old gush about marrying her boyfriend Bradley Wright, who we know from her Instagram got on the plane with her to head to Portugal.

Hello mystery ring in FULL shot.

"Love this bikini .... (SIC) holiday selfie," Amy posted alongside one of her images.

Two heart emojis followed that comment, while two "OK" emojis followed the hearts and accompanied more engagement-questioning Insta-uploads.

We see you little ring.

Amy is sunning herself abroad with her boyfriend Bradley - of one year - her manager Claire Powell and Claire's son.

What do you think, is Amy engaged? We reckon it's just a pretty ring and she really does like her bikini.

Amy Childs car crusher gallery:


Amy Childs car crusher gallery

Blue Steel
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The 'Why did I ever leave TOWIE?' face
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Sort of a modern retelling of King Kong, innit?
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Someone had to get that number plate printed specially
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'Can we get the stylist back? Amy needs her sleeves rolling'
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We don't know what's going on either, Amy
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'Can you vajazzle a car?'
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'Can you?'
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'What about down here? Can you?'
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