Andy Murray had to tell Jack Whitehall to stop tweeting his mum!


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Jack Whitehall has revealed world no. 3 tennis champion Andy Murray told him to stop tweeting his mum Judy.

The situation between Jack, 27 and Andy, 28, is a bit like telling your friend at school to stop perving over your fit mum or something. How awks.

Jack developed a bit of a soft spot for Judy when she appeared on Strictly Come Dancing and he even described her once as a "cougar". Yep, we see it now, we see why Andy would tell Jack to cool it.

The Bad Education star told The Sun: "I was shooting a Unicef sketch with Andy Murray. Despite what some people think, he has a great sense of humour. He pulled me aside at the end of filming and said, 'You need to stop tweeting my mother'.

"I respect his request, but there's nothing I can do if she tweets me."

Judy does look pretty fit.

This week funny-man Jack tweeted his excitement over hearing the news that Ainsley Harriott was going to be a contestant on this year's Strictly and dubbed the badass chef as "the best contestant ever".

Not long after, Judy replied with "ahem" and Jack responded with "Sorry. Second best"

Good god man! Did you not hear Andy clear enough? STOP FLIRTING WITH HIS MOTHER.

Serious flanter right here.

After he apologised to Andy, Jack said: "I'm sorry Andy, I couldn't bear to see her unhappy. I had to respond.

"I withdrew my comment and and stated Ainsley would be the second-best contestant ever. And it's true - no one will ever eclipse Judy's cha cha cha."

Lol this is the funniest story of the week. By far.

Pick up this week's heat magazine for our heat interview with Jack.

Strictly Come Dancing 2015 line up


Strictly Come Dancing 2015 line up

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Ainsley Harriott, TV chef

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Singer and TV presenter, Daniel O'Donnell

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Carol Kirkwood, Weather presenter8 of 10

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Anthony Ogogo, Olympic boxer9 of 10

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Jay McGuiness, singer from The Wanted10 of 10

Jay McGuiness, singer from The Wanted

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