Ant and Dec lose their cool over nearly naked model at the Brits

Blimey, boys.

Ant Dec Brits

by Georgina Terry |
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They took Paul Burrell and Gillian McKeith in the I'm A Celebrity jungle without fliching, worked with Simon Cowell for years without incident, and even took PJ's blinding in a paintball accident in their stride.

But last night, for what we think might be the first time ever, Ant and Dec lost their cool.


This woman is why.

Sadie Pinn Pam Hogg Brits

Her name is Sadie Pinn and she is, frankly, incredible.

Sadie, a model, was at the show with Pam Hogg who designed this year's Brit Award and who's dressed among others Siouxsie Sious, Debbie Harry and, err, Taylor Swift.

Sadie's wearing one of Pam's creations and, in case you can't see it, we'll describe it for you.

Sadie's outfit is basically not there.

She is, however, wearing PVC stockings, a dog collar, gloves and that's about it other than modesty panels over her foo flaps and nipples.

Ant and Dec's reaction might just be our favourite thing to happen last night.

Other than Adele basically owning everything of course.

Check out who else was wearing what. If anything.

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