Ariana Grande denies making entourage carry her but here’s a picture of her being, err, carried

We all do it when we get tired! No?


by Owen Tonks |

This week a rumour that Ariana Grande likes to be carried around like a baby attempted to impregnate our brains.

“Pfft,” we guffawed. “What a LOAD of twaddle!”

It was claimed Ariana gets sleepy and just can’t be bothered to walk, with someone allegedly carrying her at the recent Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show rehearsals and at a music video shoot.

Yeah, it sounds like it could be fun, especially if you’re tired, but as if the singer makes her flunkies actually pick her up.


Her rep unsurprisingly denied it, telling Gossip Cop the reports were “fake”.

So far, so good, right? But what’s this? OH, WHAT’S THIS?! It’s only picture evidence of Ariana being CARRIED.

Posting the picture on her Instagram page earlier this year, she wrote: “Long shoot yesterday, couldn’t walk or keep my eyes open by the time we finished. Gonna be a beautiful video.”

Maybe she's found her feet again now...

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