Ariana Grande leaves fans utterly terrified with Twilight Zone-inspired Halloween outfit

It really is horrific

Ariana Grande

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Celebrities all over the globe are really getting into the spooky spirit for Halloween this year - Anne-Marie dressed up as singer Billie Eilish over the weekend, Cheryl has been showing off her house decorations and Kylie Jenner has made sure little Stormi is involved too.

Now, Ariana Grande is getting into the swing of things - and has apparently spent FIVE HOURS in makeup to achieve her look which is inspired by an episode from 60's show The Twilight Zone entitled 'Eye of the Beholder'.

The terrifying episode depicts 'normal' people has having slightly deformed faces with turned-up 'pig' noses and layers of 'skin' drooping down the face - and according to, Ariana spent a whopping five hours in the prosthetics chair to complete the look.

Sharing plenty of social media posts, Ariana revealed that she has chosen The Twilight Zone to be the theme of her Halloween this year, and has spent a lot of time decorating her house in the style.

Fans are both in awe and completely terrified by Ariana's makeup, with many taking to the comments section of her posts to share their shock. One wrote, 'You scared me!' as another added, 'Pigiana come through!' and one other simply commented, 'Terrified'.

Scroll through to see every single one of Heidi Klum's Halloween outfits from 2000 to now...


Heidi Klum's best Halloween costumes ever

Heidi Klum Halloween outfit1 of 23

2020: Household items

Even in 2020 - when Halloween was effectively cancelled - Heidi managed delight fans with creative takes on every day household items. Here she is as a notice board.

Heidi Klum Halloween outfit2 of 23
CREDIT: Instagram

2020: Household items

Wheeeeeere's Heidi?


2019: Prosthetic Alien

Just when we thought Heidi couldn't top any of her previous looks, the model rocked up to her annual party dressed as an alien, a transformation which took her a massive 10 hours with prosthetics.

Heidi Klum Halloween outfit4 of 23

2018: Princess Fiona from Shrek

Arguably her best look yet, Heidi embraced her inner ogre as she dressed as Princess Fiona from Shrek in 2018.

Heidi Klum Halloween outfit5 of 23

2017: Michael Jackson's Thriller

Heidi wore a near-identical outfit to that from Michael Jackson's 1982 Thriller music video.

Heidi Klum Halloween outfit6 of 23

2016: Er, Heidi Klum

Nah, you're not seeing things. The star turned up with her 'clones' in 2016.

Heidi Klum Halloween outfit7 of 23

2015: Jessica Rabbit

Heidi channeled the leading lady from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? in 2015.

Heidi Klum Halloween outfit8 of 23

2014: Butterfly

Oh, we were gonna wear that ud83dude44.

Heidi Klum Halloween outfit9 of 23

2013: Old lady

Long before that FaceApp fad that morphed us all into old people earlier this year, Heidi hobbled into her 2013 bash dressed as her elderly self. Prosthetics on point.

Heidi Klum Halloween outfit10 of 23

2012: Cleopatra


Heidi Klum Halloween outfit11 of 23

2011: Human body

Heidi quite literally stripped back her look in 2011, even turning up to the event with two men dressed as surgeons in tow. Iconic.

Heidi Klum Halloween outfit12 of 23

2011: Ape

In 2011, Heidi went all out with two custom looks. She captured the zeitgeist the year Rise of the Planet of the Apes was released in cinemas.

Heidi Klum Halloween outfit13 of 23

2010: Robot

Good luck finding a pair of stilts and metallic purple catsuit at your local fancy dress shop, hun.

Heidi Klum Halloween outfit14 of 23

2009: Crow

Ornithophobics, look away NOW. Heidi wore an intricate crow costume to her 2009 party.

Heidi Klum Halloween outfit15 of 23

2008: Hindu Goddess

Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and time, anyone?

Heidi Klum Halloween outfit16 of 23

2007: A cat

Approximately 9000x better than our attempts at a cat, which are typically Karen-Smith-from-Mean-Girls levels of basic.

Heidi Klum Halloween outfit17 of 23

2006: The Forbidden Fruit

At her '06 bash, Heidi dressed as the Forbidden Fruit, with then-husband Seal rocking up as Eve.

Heidi Klum Halloween outfit18 of 23

2005: Vampire

Kind of like Cher got into a fight in the bin liner aisle. We totally mean that as the highest compliment, though.

Heidi Klum Halloween outfit19 of 23

2004: Witch

Heidi gave us an inspired take on the classic witch back in 2004.

Heidi Klum Halloween outfit20 of 23

2003: The Golden Girl

Sort of like an extra from Gladiator, no? We're into it.

Heidi Klum Halloween outfit21 of 23

2002: Betty Boop

Heidi donned a pair of lashes the Geordie Shore girls would be jealous of as she channeled her inner Betty Boop in 2002.

Heidi Klum Halloween outfit22 of 23

2001: Lady Godiva

Making an entrance on a horse? Beats our Fiat 500, babes.

Heidi Klum Halloween outfit23 of 23

2000: The dominatrix

Oh, she really went hell for leather with this one.

This comes after fans became convinced that Ariana could be collaborating with Adele after their adorable Instagram exchange. Adele posted a photo of herself at Drake's birthday party, and Ariana wrote, 'OH πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€', leading many fans to hope a collab could be in the works.

One fan wrote, 'we need collab', with another adding, 'omg collab with this queen. we will passed out'. A third then wrote, 'YALL NEED TO MAKE A SONGGGG'. [sic]

Another excited fan added, 'We love to see a queen support a queenπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’–'. [sic]

With reports about Adele's new album getting bigger by the day, it's now being reported that she's set to appear on both The Jimmy Kimmel Show and The Tonight Show, with Mike Sington, Senior Executive at NBCUniversal, writing the news on Twitter

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