Ariana Grande FINALLY shows some support for CBB’s Frankie

She has been slacking in the sister department TBH

Arianna Grande

by Aimee Jakes |
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If it wasn't for their desire to sing/shimmy at any given moment, Frankie's constant name-dropping or their shared last name - we would have no idea that Frankie Grande had a REALLY famous sister.

Arianna Grande

Why? Because despite Ari having 40.9 MILLION followers on Twitter and 82.3 MILLION on Instagram (at time of writing) the poster has kept completely shtum about her older brother’s CBB gig. We couldn’t help thinking a public good luck message wouldn’t go a miss. A gentle promotion… ANYTHING?

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Well thank the lord, Ari took some time from her promoting her new single In To You (and making delicious hair mists) to appear in a video link which was shown in the house.

"Hi Frankie its me, your sister. I just wanted to say how much I love you and how proud I am of you.

"I've been watching and you're killing it. I'm so proud of you for being fan favourite every single week.

"I have some much music to play you. Come home soon. Not too soon, win soon, then come home."

Our face was simliar to Bear's after listening to that...

Bears reaction to Ari
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