Arnold Schwarzenegger is a massive fan of his son’s ex Miley Cyrus!

It seems Miley was perfect daughter in law material...


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It seems Miley Cyrus has won herself a fan in Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Although the Wrecking Ball singer has now split with Arnie’s son, Patrick,21, she impressed Schwarzenegger senior so much that he’s gushed about her in an interview.

“When I did meet Miley, when she came up to Sun Valley skiing during our holidays, I found out that she is a fantastic person,” Arnie said on The Howard Stern Show.


And by the sounds of it, Miley would have been a pretty good daughter in law.

“We had little kids in the house [and] she went out every day to buy gifts for them,” he added. “She played with them, really, sincerely, like two hours at a time would go out in the snow with them.”

Arnie even defended some of Miley’s wilder antics. You know, twerking with inflatable genitals, getting her boobs out…

“She was a wonderful person, then she has this career side where she maybe has to be a little out there,” he said. “And is maybe a little different because she grew up in a music family. So what? It didn’t bother me.”

Why aren’t they still together? She’s done the hardest bit and won over big Arnie.


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Words by: Hannah Last

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