This Australian model just revealed something, erm, interesting about Justin Bieber’s PEEN

She didn't hold back


by Hannah Mellin |
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Justin Bieber, one of our favourite human beings of all time, is currently living his best life on tour in Australia.

He's been annoying his fans by refusing to take pictures (what's new) AND he even showed the world his INCREDIBLE Summer Heights High impression.

It's literally the best impression of Jonah we've ever heard. Ever. Go on Biebs.

And in true Justin Bieber style, he's also been partying on a big luxury yacht with a bevvy of beautiful women. As you do.

One of those women, Australian model Sharah Fitzgerald, took a huge swipe at Justin's MANHOOD in a pretty lengthy Instagram rant back in 2015.



Uploading a photo of Justin in his pants, Sharah (who's Insta is now private) once wrote: "Bieber looks like [he] just left church [and] stuck some transfer tats on to compensate [for] his small dick and glorious 12-year-old body!"

Thankfully for Sharah, it looked like Justin didn't Instagram stalk her before she boarded his BIG and v.expensive yacht. And we can neither confirm, nor deny (unfortunately) whether Sharah’s claims are true.

Poor Biebs.


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