Azealia Banks brands Perez Hilton a “f**got” after he wades into argument with Iggy Azalea

The pair had a mammoth falling out in front of millions


by Owen Tonks |
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Errm, wow! Perez Hilton and Azealia Banks have had a spectacular falling out (which really is an understatement) on Twitter in front of a few people (err, 6.4million).

On Wednesday the Battle of the Azaleas commenced when Azealia Banks hit out at Iggy Azalea, tweeting: “It’s funny to see people Like Igloo Australia silent when these things happen… Black Culture is cool, but black issues aren’t huh?”

Blogger Perez didn’t like what he read and decided to wade into the argument, writing: “You were doing so good with letting your music keep you relevant for a week. When that was done… sad.”

And this is where it all went downhill, as rapper Ms Banks replied in a series of tweets: “You’re still a fgot tho. LOLOLOLOL… and just because you are a fgot doesn’t mean I hate gay men. MAMA LUUUH DA K**TZ, just not you Henny.”

Perez wrote back: “And you’re still delusional and ignorant. You can not redefine the F word as you have been attempting to… You are your own worst enemy. I do feel sorry for you. It is clear that you have serious mental issues, like Amanda Bynes.”


Azealia went on to explain that she does suffer from bipolar disorder, adding, “just because I am bi-polar doesn’t mean that you aren’t a f**got”.

She continued in a number of messages: “And that’s what the fgots do! They get in the middle of girl beef because it validates them and makes them feel involved… you will always be a fgot. The men you want will never give you the same social regard a woman gets. And that makes you MAD.

“Gay men be saying the most misogynist st, but as soon as you call them a fgot they wanna get upset.

“Somebody gotta check these fgots man. I don’t give a fk!! NO MAN Is going to challenge my femininity. It’s not happening.

“Gay men can call you a bitch, and talk about YA hair and YA nails, but as soon as you call them a fgot, all st breaks loose.”

Perez attempted to send his best wishes to the musician, saying he hoped she gets the help she needs for her problems, and sent a message out to fans encouraging them not to use hateful language against homosexual people.

Perhaps getting the details of when Perez had an altercation with Black Eyed Peas star at the Much Music Awards in Canada in 2009 confused, Azealia accused the writer of calling The Voice judge Will a “n**ger”, something Perez strongly denies.

He spat: “I think you and Ebola would get along real well,” prompting some Twitter users to say he’d get on with AIDS, before he told Azealia not to come apologising to him “with your dick between your legs”.

The star insisted she hadn’t apologised, saying it was down to Perez that he "got called a f**got”.

Things eventually calmed down with Azealia finally signing off of Twitter and going to sleep more than 15 minutes after promising to.

She finished with one final message: “I feel discriminated against.”

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