TV BAFTAs 2017: 15 of the SASSIEST outfits

Let the frock envy commence!

baftas 2017

by Aimee Jakes |
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'Tis the season for Strawberries, denim jackets and fancy-shmancy awards (hurrah!),so the greatest stars in telly flocked to the the red carpet for the BAFTAs 2017 to see if they're in a chance for winning a shiny gold trophy to keep in their downstairs loo.

The A-listers look the part (so would we if we had a zillion stylists and an expertly applied countour, jus' sayin') and heatworld are bringing the most slayin' outfits as they happen...


1. Zawe Ashton

Zawe Ashton

Er has anyone seen Zawe? Anyone? Yup that’s right, the Fresh Meat star opted for the SAME colour dress as the red carpet itself, meaning we had to reach for our contacts just to get a proper look. Oh and the zingy purple pop from her pointed shoes? So into them.

2. Ella Eyre

Baftas 2017

A delightful mash of meshy girly pink brilliance complete with diamond earrings, metallic-strapped heels and a ballerina high ponytail. Wear to meet your boyfriend’s parents for the first time. Mwhaha.

3. Holly Willoughby

Baftas 2017

The pastel blue strapless dress is simple, but oh-so flattering. Hols looks mesmerising though we can't help but wonder what shoes she is hiding under there? Any guesses? Maybe Nike Airs so she doesn’t have to sit down with a throbbing toe after 35 mins. We've all been there.

4. Candice Brown

Baftas 2017

PHOAAAR the GBBO star has turned up the temperature and y’all gonna get burned. Candice keeps her trademark pout and is causing more of a stir in her deep-plunged number than bread week in the Bake Off tent. Kudos to telly chef.

5. Joan Collins


Joan is literally sprinkling sass around like confetti in this floor-length sequined assemble that is shining brighter than Harper Beckham’s future. Oh and we are uhhhbssed with the lace fluted sleeves. Slayin’ it Joan.

6. Charlotte Riley


Charlotte opted for the 'Angelina Jolie thigh-high split' (y'know the one) and she looks BAD ASS, BABY. Slicked hur and smokey eyes complete the look and has given a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘power dressing’. Though, copy with caution for your Monday morning meeting. Neil from Accounts won't know what's hit him.

7. Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Baftas 2017

This is exactly how we envision ourselves in the future. The type that would never spill coffee down their front, wears classic heels in the day time and has an ‘everyday lippie’ which never ends up on their chin. Classic. Chic. Timeless. Go Pheebs go.

8&9. Scarlett and Betty Moffatt

Scarlett Moffatt 2017 baftas

Forget #twinning with your best friend or trying to convince your boyf to wear the same trainers as you. It's all about matchy matchy with your ma now. We haven't seen twinning this great since Zigi rocked up to the Met Gala with mechanical arms.

Scar didn't check the calendar (IT'S MAY!!!) and instead opted for a crochet star print dress and a moody grey ombre locks. We literally love. Spring, what?

10. Eleanor Tomlinson


Satsuma-hued fishtail plait and a long sparkly frock emblazoned with sparkly flowers - actress (NOT RELATED to Louis) looks like a living, breathing mermaid. Sensational darling.

11. Amy Nuttall

Amy Nuttall

The Downton Abbey actress has hit the jackpot by picking a dress she can also eat lots of pasta with. ‘Ang on it’s the BAFTAS, we meant gluten-free, grilled leaves from Tuscany. We adore the sugary shade. Make note for wedding season, everyone.

Claudia Winkleman

Claudia Winkleman

Claudia has gone for a similar vibe to Scar Moffatt and we have a hunch that black crochet is going to be HU-GE. Notify the press, update your WhatsApp status, tell someone on Tinder - BLACK CROCHET IS B-B-B BACK!

12. Tess Daly

Tess Daly

Tess goes understated in a strapless nude frock and looks every inch of a presenter who has done this 'a zillion times before darlin' just grab me a pimms'. Glowy, fabulous and floating in the relms of 'Kardashian'. We j'adore.

13. Laura Jackson

Laura Jackson baftas

Presenter Laura plays it safe, but is that always a bad thing? The head to toe black assemble parred with a red lip is timeless. 'Red carpet' hued lippie is something we never knew we wanted... 'til now of course.

14. Leomie Anderson


The model doesn’t have a stitch out of place at this year’s ceremony (har har) and has gone all 90’s cool on us. Effortless.

15. Judith Light


DING DING, we have a winner. Judith not only looks like the sassy dancing emoji (#goals) but the fishtail bottom is utterly sensational. 10/10. Promote the stylist. The floor even gets a nifty buff everywhere the actress glides. Everyone’s a winner.

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