Is Bear quitting Celebrity Big Brother?

Stephen Bear claims he's 'had enough' of his housemates

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by Stevie Martin |
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While Stephen Bear's been incredibly entertaining in the Celebrity Big Brother house, will it all be over soon?

During last night's episode, the Ex On The Beach star totally lost his patience with the housemates who'd decided to blank him because they'd lost patience with him. Are you following who has lost patience with who yet?

Let's break this down.

Sam Fox, Aubrey O'Day, Frankie Grande, Katie Waissel, Ricky Norwood and James Whale were woken up the night before because Bear and a few others decided to smear cake all over a zebra statue. As you do.

They told the group (Bear, Lewis Bloor, Marnie Simpson and Chloe Khan) to stop, and the group refused to stop. Now they're blanking them as punishment because apparently we're all at school again.


"I must be a ghost," Bear speculated. "They can't hear me."

Regardless, he continued: "Why has it upset you so much? I don't want to change my ways. I like the power of conversation, the talking, then smoothing it over and carrying on. There is a weird atmosphere. Very strange. A lot of upset people here. Sweep it under the carpet. I feel like I'm being victimized. It's not a nice feeling."

Exasperated, he then decided to go and speak to James and Heavy D but sadly James refused to play ball, causing Bear to threaten to quit the show.

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"I'm not being funny you guys," he said. "You need to grow up. We didn't do anything wrong. Then I come in and you're slagging us off. It's not on, mate, let's have it fair. We were having a good time. It's embarrassing, it really is. A bit of cake on a zebra. How is that bad?"

Bear then threatened to walk from the show, stating he'd "had enough".

But will he? We're not so sure. After a nice cup of tea and an X rated snog with Chloe, he'll probably cool down enough to apologise about rubbing cake on the zebra statue.

Alright, maybe an apology is a bit far.

On the plus side, "A bit of cake on a zebra, how is that bad?" is a strong contender for the Quote Of The Series award. An awards ceremony that definitely does not exist.

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