Kyle Christie just got a BEARD transplant EH WHAT

That's one way to get over a break up....

kyle christie beard transplant

by Hannah Evans |
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Most people get over a break up with a massive night out, tonne of junk food or a shag with a stranger… Right?

Geordie Shore’s Kyle Christie, it seems, isn’t most people. Having just split with Holly Hagan, the reality TV star has gone and got himself a beard transplant. Yes, a transplant. On his face.

After admitting he felt insecure about his patchy facial hair Kyle underwent a 12-hour procedure that apparently set him back a whopping £10,000. Holy. Moly.

During the op 2,000 follicles were taken from the nape of Kyle’s neck and individually grafted onto his cheeks, chin and moustache area to build him his perfect bushay beard.

kyle christie beard transplant

Dr Kumari of the Hair Transplant Centre in Liverpool carried out the transplant and designed the beard especially for the 24-year-old based on what he thought was work best - what a lucky boy.

Speaking to Mirror Celeb, Kumari said: "He had a confidence problem. Obviously, he's a telly guy and he wants to look his best.

"He wanted his beard to look more filled out – just for his self-esteem, he doesn't want to feel low about it."

Yikes- quite extreme hun?

Kyle is no stranger to trips to the surgeon and has had numerous procedures including a hair transplant.

This spenny procedure comes shortly after Kyle and fellow G-shore star Holly Hagan called it quits on their relationship, much to the shock of fans. The pair had been dating for three years and had just spent year travelling around Asia together.

At the time of the split Holly took to her Insta to insist things were all good between the pair. Writing in one post she explained: “Kyle and I split a few weeks ago very amicably…we had a crazy three years together and it just came to a natural end”.

However, Holly has now revealed the truth about their break up, admitting that Kyle broke up with her and if she ever saw him she probably wouldn't say hi.

Opening up to Reveal mag she said: "If I bumped into him I would say hello, but it would be completely stupid to think we can stay in contact right now."

She added: "I definitely think this is the end. It's time to move forward. Honestly, it's the best break-up I've ever had!"

You go guuuuurl.

Holly also revealed that she's still fuming about the fact Kyle tattooed a GINORMOUS picture of his face on the back of her neck as part of MTV's new amazing/awful show Just Tattoo Of Us.

"He just picked the first thing that came into his head. I was like, 'Why did you think this would be OK? It's most definitely not.'

Hang in there, Hol.

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