Ben Affleck tells Jennifer Lopez: ‘Stop being so sexy’

He's not a believer in flaunting it if you got it

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

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She’s got the vocals and the stage presence, she can dance and act, and she has a killer body. Oh, to be Jennifer Lopez. The megastar has hit the ground running this year, plugging her long-awaited album This Is Me… Now and Amazon Prime film of the same name, not to mention releasing a sultry video for her comeback single Can’t Get Enough.

Clad in very few clothes for the clip – which has clocked up over 3.5million views – J-Lo proudly paraded the results of her intense workouts and disciplined lifestyle, leaving many marvelling and asking, “How is she 54?”

“You killed it”, one fan enthused in the comments. “Ignore the judgmental haters. You deserve to be happy and proud of your physique!”

But while the fans may be loving it, we’re told that Jen’s husband Ben Affleck is not as thrilled about her provocative displays and would prefer if she toned down the constant strive for sexiness.

“Ben gets that being a glamorous diva is all part of Jen’s persona, and he’s not trying to turn her into a soccer mom or anything. But this constant ‘look at me’ act is getting annoying to a point where he can’t stand it,” an insider tells heat.

“Even when she’s away from the cameras, she’s always preening in front of the mirror, fussing over her make-up and outfits, and obsessively monitoring her social media. He’s exhausted by her constant need for attention and validation.”

ben affleck and jennifer lopez
Ben is awkward in the spotlight ©Getty Images: ROBYN BECK/AFP

J-Lo and Oscar winner Ben, 51, found their way back to each other in April 2021, after a failed romance and engagement in the early 2000s. They wed in July 2022, sparking a global frenzy and elation among their fanbase. The A-list couple – whose blended family comprises J-Lo’s twins Max and Emme, 14, from her marriage to Marc Anthony, and Ben’s children, Violet, 18, Seraphina, 15, and Samuel, 11, with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner – have famously had several awkward red-carpet appearances, sparking a slew of headlines and memes.

Now, heat has learned that Ben is losing patience with his wife’s obsessive image consciousness.

With Jenny From The Block singer J-Lo not adverse to a bikini or underwear snap on Insta, our insider says, “Ben just wishes she would tone it down and be a little more conservative. He’s not asking her to totally change her style, but he would love it if she’d dress more like a married woman in her fifties. He feels her need to compete with all the kids half her age and being so thin-skinned to any criticism at all is just exhausting to be around.

“That’s why he’s making a statement by avoiding as many of the showbiz parties and events that Jen tries to drag him to as he can. He doesn’t get why she has this constant need to seek validation, but when he brings it up, Jen just rolls her eyes, tells him he’s out of touch and that he needs to loosen up.”

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Meanwhile, Ben’s recent Super Bowl advert for his favourite bakery and coffee chain Dunkin’ Donuts was proof that the film star doesn’t take himself too seriously, as he, Tom Brady and Matt Damon try to perform their way onto J-Lo’s album, but to no avail. However, our insider says the tongue-in-cheek ad has not been enough to quash Ben’s worries that J-Lo is consumed with the idea of staying young and maintaining her desirability.

We’re told, “Jen thinks she’s being groundbreaking as a sexy older woman, but Ben’s worried about where it could end up.

“She seems to have this perception of herself that she’s immune to ageing, like a female Peter Pan. For Ben, that’s delusional, but also kind of scary as far as what the future holds.”

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