Ben Haenow reveals what happened after he won The X Factor 2014

And it’s not as rock and roll as those leather jackets of his…


by Rachel Liddle |
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What would you do when you win The X Factor? Go on a champagne binge? Head to the most exclusive clubs in London town? Or go for a few drinks with your family before heading back to the hotel with your long-term girlfriend you REALLLY hope to propose to very, very soon?

Yes, so far Ben is still the down-to-earth, loveable lad from Croydon the public voted for, revealing this week that he celebrated his talent show win in the most normal way possible.

“I went to the bar upstairs and had a couple of drinks, then I went back to the hotel with my girlfriend,” Ben told The Sun.

“This kind of thing doesn’t happen to people like me. I live at home with Mum and she lives with hers. I definitely want to move in with her.

This kind of thing doesn’t happen to people like me

“That’s the plan and I will propose, I’m not sure when, but it won’t be long.”

You don’t say, Ben…

But it wasn’t all hand-holding with girlfriend Jessica Jones and hugging his mum; Ben also had the chance to hang out with his icons – and get a bit star-struck.

“I’m going to enjoy the celebrity life,” he said. “My head’s spinning when I meet stars, but I could get used to people like Ed Sheeran.

“It was mind blowing to meet Ronnie Wood last night.

“I was walking down the corridor and he came up to me. He actually came up to me and said, ‘Well done Ben, you did really well’. That’s the pinnacle so far.”

But it’s not going to be as good as when you propose to that girlfriend of yours, is it, Ben?

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