CONFIRMED: Benedict Cumberbatch and fiancée Sophie Hunter ARE expecting their first baby!

Sources claim Sophie is ‘a few months’ pregnant

by Emmeline Saunders |
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UPDATE: It's been confirmed that Benedict and Sophie ARE expecting!

A spokesman for the actor said: "I am delighted to confirm that Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter are expecting their first child. They are both over the moon."

Sob and snot and rend your clothes with your nails and teeth time now – Benedict Cumberbatch is expecting his first baby with new fiancée Sophie Hunter, according to sources.

Page Six revealed the Sherlock star is set to become a dad for the first time, with Sophie already a “few months along” in her pregnancy.

An insider told the publication: “Sophie is a few months along, and both she and Benedict are very excited about it. They are also quietly planning to marry in early spring.”

The newly engaged couple, who announced their relationship in the ‘forthcoming marriages’ column of The Times in November, were spotted out on Saturday night at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, where Sophie was seen with the slightest of baby bumps on the red carpet.

She attempted to cover it up with a silver clutch bag, but the eagle-eyed Cumberbitches had already spotted her stomach.

Is there something in the water? Benedict’s The Imitation Game co-star Keira Knightley has also just confirmed her pregnancy – not that Benedict was involved in hers – so, uh, what was actually happening on that set?

Anyway. MASSIVE congratulations to the happy couple! These are happy tears, really!

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Freddie Fox

What is it about thespian dynasties and their ability to produce super-hot blokes? Is it something to do with the concentration of their genes? Freddie’s mum and dad are Joanna David and Edward Fox, and his older sis is Emilia Fox. He also counts Billie Piper as his cousin by marriage, which is nice.

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Max Irons

You might recognise melt-in-the-mouth Max from the film The Riot Club, which was out earlier this autumn. But if you’re not already a devotee, there’s plenty of reason to start now. With that cut-glass accent and chiselled, straight-out-of-a-Burberry-advert jawline (he’s a former model for the company), he gives off the constant air of having just represented Oxford University in a rugby match. You get the feeling that engaging in any kind of physical activity with him would feel a bit like romping with a future prime minister, just without the annoying political banter and ensuing press coverage. Power = sexy.

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Jesse Williams

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Nathan’s got the kind of face that a lot of guys have, but better. It’s much better than all those other guys. You might recognise him from Castle, Desperate Housewives, or pretty much any American TV series. We like his funny hair.

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Chris Pratt

He's funny and he's in loads of stuff. And he's got a nice face. And a decent body. That's all you need to know.

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Martin Compston

This man is very Scottish, and he looks cheeky. We like this combination.

Dougie Poynter13 of 20

Dougie Poynter

Brock Hurn14 of 20

Brock Hurn

Douglas Booth15 of 20

Douglas Booth

Like the English version of Chace Crawford. We would. Several times over.

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We'd let him play Hunger Games with us all day long.

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British singer with the voice of an angel and the face of a god. Yes please.



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