So Benedict Cumberbatch is now signing autographs for fans after previously refusing!

Change of heart, Ben?


by Maria Vallahis |
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Benedict Cumberbatch made it very clear that he was not signing autographs while he was on stage as Hamlet. Appaz the decision was down to "schedule demands".

It's only been a week of shows and the Sherlock actor has caved in and IS NOW SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS GUYS. Woohoo, good man.

He even appeared much chirpier and was more than happy to meet the audience last night.


At the stage door of the Barbican Centre, he spent several minutes greeting screaming fans, chatting away, signing bits and even taking pictures. Where has this Ben come through?

And signs which appeared outside the theatre door stating that Benedict wasn't going to be signing any autographs have now been taking down too.

Benedict wasn't very happy that fans were filming him while he was performing on stage, so he spoke to fans outside the Barbican before his most recent performance and pleaded with them to stop.

Starting off by thanking fans for their support, the actor quickly drew attention to the mass of cameras and phones in front of him and said he would like to "enlist" their help to spread a message for him.

He then described the "mortifying" distraction of red blinking lights and cameras - saying from his position it's "blindingly obvious".

He said: "There's nothing that's less enjoyable or supportive as an actor on stage experiencing that [the cameras]."

But that's all changed now and Benedict is greeting all his beloved Cumber-cookies.

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