Benedict Cumberbatch thinks selfies are ‘a tragic waste of engagement’

Erm, but what about these...

Benedict Cumberbatch

by Maria Vallahis |
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Benedict Cumberbatch says he isn't a fan of selfies. Huh?

Is this a new thought of yours Benedict, like have you come up with the fact you don't like selfies recently? Because we're a little confused.

The Sherlock actor has spoken about the worldwide trend and suggested instead of taking a selfie why don't selfie-takers, "do something more worthwhile." OUCH. Burn.


He told *Woman & Home: *"What a tragic waste of engagement.

"Do something more worthwhile. Stare out the window and think about life."

But what has spurred this on Mr Holmes? Elementary my dear Watson, we've got a bit of a puzzle for you to try and solve.

Here are a few examples of, erm, Benedict, erm, taking selfies...Exhibit A:

And what about this...

Exhibit B.

and this...

Exhibit C. Taking another selfie.

Do we even need to go on?

Exhibit D. Benedict's "selfie" at Warner Bros. booth at SDCC in 2014.

We think someone's been telling porkies.

Benedict and his theatre director wife Sophie Hunter welcomed their first child together last month.

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