Benedict Cumberbatch tried to change his name: “Cumberbatch sounds like a fart in a bath”

Does it? Does it really, Benedict?


by Anna Lewis |
Published on

Just take a minute to think about a world without Benedict Cumberbatch. Well, a world where the name ‘Benedict Cumberbatch’ doesn’t exist, anyway.

The Oscar-nominated actor revealed recently that he tried to change his name to Benedict Carlton – his middle name and his grandfather’s name – but his agent convinced him his name would make him a star.

While promoting his film* The Imitation Game* in LA, newly-wed Benedict said: “I started off as Benedict Carlton, which is my middle name, my grandfather’s name.

“Cumberbatch sounds like a fart in a bath... it is even funnier in an English accent. But an agent who was wiser than me told me it was a good name.

“People have had fun with it and they continue to!”

We never actually thought it sounded like a fart in a bath before. But now that’s all we can think about. Thanks a bunch, Benedict Fart-in-a-bath…

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