Beyonce and Jay Z’s relationship crisis: just HOW did it get this bad?

Is Bey FINALLY ready to call it quits?


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Much has been said about Beyonce's 2016 album, Lemonade, which dropped on Saturday 24 April on HBO.

From the subtle digs at other women, to the not-so-subtle bat-swinging and direct questioning, many saw Bey's new offering as a personal raging against her husband, Jay Z, and his alleged cheating on her.

So is Beyonce looking to crush her husband's reputation ahead of divorcing the creep? Or was it - dare we say? - an excellent way to stir up more publicity to rake in those sweet, sweet sales?

We can only speculate until we hear from Queen Bey herself. In the meantime, here's a look at how Beyonce and Jay Z's relationship has played out in the public eye.

Beyonce and Jay Z


A 17-year old Rihanna reportedly caught Jay Z's eye when he was 35 and she was signed to his label. But former publicist Jonathan Hay admitted he concocted rumours of the affair to promote RiRi’s first single, Pon De Replay.



Beyoncé released her second solo album, B'Day, with two songs about cheating: Ring The Alarm and Resentment. Bey’s father-manager is forced to publicly deny Ring The Alarm is about a teenage Rihanna.


After six years of dating, Jay Z and Beyonce married in a private ceremony in Scarsdale, New York. Intimate footage from the event was finally revealed during their On The Run tour in 2014 (when the divorce rumour mill was at its peak).

**2012 **

Beyonce gives birth to Blue Ivy Carter. Insiders claim Bey wants full custody if the couple divorce, meaning limited visitation rights for Jay Z.



Rita Ora dodges questions about an affair with Jay Z on The Breakfast Club radio show: "Don't you dare disrespect Beyonce like that ever again in your entire life… Don't even go there."

Model and rapper Liv claims she connected with Jay Z over hip hop but turned him down out of respect for Beyonce. She then releases that godawful video, Sorry, Mrs Carter, which just seems to rub Bey's face in it.

Jay Z partied with former Miss Belgium Claudia Scheelen, dropping £5k on champagne and telling her: "I've been all over the entire world, but the girls in Antwerp are the prettiest girls."

He didn't mention Beyonce or Blue once.

Despite endless reports on the rapper's infidelity and rumours of a trial celebration, Bey and Jay Z celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary in a trip to Cuba.


TMZ breaks THE celebrity scandal of the year with hidden footage of Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z in an elevator at the Met Gala while Beyonce looked coolly on. Sources claim Bey's sister went berserk over Jay Z's affair with fashion designer Rachel Roy.


Bey and Jay Z put Elevator-gate behind them ahead of their On The Run Tour, reportedly to cash in on their fame before divorcing.

Rumours of constant backstage fighting plague them throughout the summer. Beyonce does little to quash them by changing the lyrics when she performs Resentment – from 'six' years to '12' – the exact duration of their relationship.


Later that year, Beyonce releases Ring Off, seemingly out of respect for her mother finally walking out on her cheating husband. At the same time, Bey's IV wedding tattoo becomes noticeably absent from her ring finger, prompting speculation she's had it removed.


Bey reportedly rips into Jay Z over sushi in LA for texting Rihanna. Onlookers claim he said it was 'business' but Beyonce wasn't appeased. Pics from the fight are splashed all over the internet.

Bey and Jay Z get it together to perform Drunk In Love at the Grammys. After winning Best R&B Performance, Bey says: "I'd like to thank my beloved husband. I love you deeply. My daughter who's watching, Blue, I love you."


Rumours fly that their PDA backstage and on holiday in Italy is all a sham. Body language experts claim their loved up antics are "completely staged".


The year starts off badly amid claims the couple are finalising the details of their 'post-nup'.

An insider says: "They have a pre-nuptial agreement already in place, but so much has happened in terms of their empire that it's needed updating for some time.

"When they went through their roughest period last year, they both agreed it was time to re-clarify certain aspects of their agreement, but it's taken months to go through all their assets with a fine-tooth comb."

Radar breaks the news that Beyonce and Jay Z sleep in separate bedrooms with their daughter in between them.

Soon after, an eyewitness at Kelly Rowland’s birthday party claims: "[Beyonce] took off her wedding ring, held it in the air and told everyone that this would be one of the last times they would see it because she was ending her marriage."

In April, Jay Z storms out of the marital home and tells his staff they're no longer required ahead of Beyonce's much-publicised 2016 world tour.

And finally, we come to Lemonade, Beyonce's supposed tirade against Jay Z's infidelity.

Speculation that Rachel Roy and/or Rita Ora are still in the picture as the other woman has Beyonce fans in uproar on social media.

Beyonce definitely ain't "no average bitch" – so could this be the last we hear about Jay Z's cheating and the start of her single lady resurrection?

Something tells us: probably not.

Beyonce and Jay-Z share their most romantic moments in pictures


Beyonce and Jay-Z share their most romantic moments in pictures

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