Is Beyonce really planning to announce her divorce from Jay Z?

Apparently their relationship is "dead"

by Maria Vallahis |
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According to reports in the US, Beyoncé Knowles is planning to announce her divorce from Jay Z to the world.

After seven years together, InTouch has reported that Queen Bey is “fed up” with numerous suspected infidelity issues that have allegedly cropped up in their relationship. Bey, who hasn’t given one single interview for over a year, is said to be fed up with the entire “phony charade”.

“It’s dead,” an insider told InTouch. “Bey is sick of keeping up the ruse of happiness, and she’s done.”

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    The* 7/11* singer has also kept very quiet after that lift incident, when her sister Solange Knowles attacked Jay after the Met Gala last year.

    Thankfully, Jay’s bodyguard eventually stepped in between the pair, but Beyoncé didn’t get involved in the slightest.

    “It’s like she’s on lockdown and doesn’t want to be asked about her marriage or why she and Jay haven’t had another child after Blue Ivy,” the insider continued.

    “But in private, she’s already told friends and family that she’s moving forward with her life. She’ll soon make a public announcement that their marriage is over.”

    Despite speculation of a possible divorce on the cards, Beyoncé and Jay Z seemed quite the loved-up couple last weekend.

    The pair, who have three-year-old daughter Blue Ivy together, attended the Made In America concert together.

    Beyoncé was the headline act at the Philadelphia show and her rapper husband was spotted watching his wife and singing along in the crowd.

    Jay, who was standing next to Nick Jonas at the time, was seen smiling and singing along in videos that swept Twitter afterwards.

    Thing is… there’ve been reports about these two breaking up for the last couple of years, and it still hasn’t happened yet. Is there any truth in the latest rumours? We’ll have to wait and see…

    Beyonce poses for Flaunt magazine:


    Beyonce poses for Flaunt magazine

    beyonce 11 of 11

    beyonce 1

    Like magic.

    Beyonce 22 of 11

    Beyonce 2


    Beyonce 33 of 11

    Beyonce 3


    Beyonce 44 of 11

    Beyonce 4

    "Baby got back"

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    Beyonce 5

    Hello boobies.

    Beyonce 66 of 11

    Beyonce 6

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    Beyonce 7

    "Baby STILL got back" - her actual back. Lol, how funny are we?!

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    beyonce 1

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    Annnd... back stroke.

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