Beyonce’s dad Mathew Knowles is selling a load of her stuff in a MASSIVE garage sale

Because that’s totally normal celebrity dad behaviour, isn’t it


by Emmeline Saunders |
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Celebrities’ dads! They’re just like ours, except even more embarrassing and cringe-worthy, and when they do something embarrassing and cringe-worthy it’s immediately papped and tweeted about, thereby compounding the embarrassing cringe-worthiness by a factor of several billion.

And so to Beyonce’s dad Mathew Knowles, who is currently making his eldest daughter lock herself in a bathroom and bite down, hard, on her arm in squirmy cringeness. Why? Because he’s only started a ruddy great big garage sale to get rid of a pile of souvenirs from her early career. WHY BEY’S DAD WHY.

According to TMZ, Mathew – who this year has been embroiled in a SECOND paternity suit regarding a love child – is selling off a bunch of crap Destiny’s Child paraphernalia to raise money for all his love children free up some prime storage space.

Among the items being flogged off are a giant Beyonce poster going for a sweet $200, which some chancer tried to buy for $145 – oh HELL NO – and a load of House Of Dereon clothing, which is the line Mathew’s ex-wife Tina Knowles owned.

Erm. There’s also a CD by Bey’s younger sister Solange on sale for the bargain price of $1.96. So. Gonna make for a pretty awkward Christmas dinner, we’re guessing.

But hey, Daddy’s gotta do what Daddy’s gotta do. If anyone’s popping by his office in Houston today, try to grab us a signed 1998 Destiny’s Child calendar, yeah?

Beyonce! Check out her good, bad and Bey-ootiful looks in the gallery below


Happy birthday Beyonce! Check out her good, bad and Bey-ootiful looks

Golden in 20041 of 20

Golden in 2004

Remember when Bey's mum, Tina Knowles, used to design frocks and dress the star? Oh yeah.

Sateen in 20072 of 20

Sateen in 2007

Back in the day Beyonce used to love a bit of shine. This brown two-piece was a treat. Or maybe more of a trick...

Loving green in 20073 of 20

Loving green in 2007

Yet more satin, this time a fishtail green number that would make Miss Piggy go weak at the knees. If she had any.

Mellow yellow in 20084 of 20

Mellow yellow in 2008

When you have a matchy scarf for your bridesmaid-inspo gown, it's time to re-think your style.

Awards Bey in 20095 of 20

Awards Bey in 2009

Taking the Oscars gold theme a tad far in a frock that made from Laurence Llewelyn Bowen's bedroom curtains...NAAAHT GOOD.

Skinny Minnie in 20096 of 20

Skinny Minnie in 2009

Sleeker but rocking shoulder pads that'd make Hilary Devey jell.

Spotted in 20097 of 20

Spotted in 2009

We loved Bey's cute spotty playsuit but her hair looked like it had seen better days...

Red alert in 20098 of 20

Red alert in 2009

That's more like it! Beyonce wowed in a red hot mini with MAJ plunge at the MTV VMAs a few years ago.

Feathered friend in 20119 of 20

Feathered friend in 2011

Looking elegant in a white halterneck with feathers at her perfume launch in NYC.

Legging it in 201110 of 20

Legging it in 2011

Proving she can nail off-duty, too

Bumpy in 201111 of 20

Bumpy in 2011

Best baby bump reveal EVAH in siren red at the MTV VMAs.

Yummy mummy in 201212 of 20

Yummy mummy in 2012

Didn't take this one long to bounce back to HAWT post-preggo, eh?

Dramz in 201213 of 20

Dramz in 2012

Bringing the dramz in Schiaparelli to the MET Gala in 2012.

Braidy bunch in 201414 of 20

Braidy bunch in 2014

Taking style inspo from her little sister Solange with mega long braids.

Maverick in 201215 of 20

Maverick in 2012

SO not the norm Beyonce but we loved this boho vibe.

Jumper in 201316 of 20

Jumper in 2013

Who needs a massive frothy frock for an awards bash? Not Bey! Bow Down queen looked incred in her mono jumpsuit with red lips at the Grammys last year.

Sheer in 201417 of 20

Sheer in 2014

Dramatic style for this year's MET Gala, wearing a sheer beaded gown with vampy lips and a glam head piece.

Stage Bey in 201418 of 20

Stage Bey in 2014

Beyonce on stage in thigh-high boots and a bodysuit. No words. Just WOW.

Plunging in 201419 of 20

Plunging in 2014

The singer's first look for this year's VMAs was a risque LBD with sheer paneling all over her butt. She totes pulled it off, too. Not literally, obvi.

Second wind in 201420 of 20

Second wind in 2014

The mum slipped out of her LBD for awards pics, changing into a ruby bodycon number with lace side panels. Racy.

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