Beyonce tops poll of best celebrity Christmas ‘treefies’, because apparently that’s a thing now

Because a Christmas tree selfie is the festive must for the rich and famous

Beyonce - Treesie Instagram

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Once you've dragged your seven-foot Christmas tree back from the garden centre, realised you've got to hack off the top and threw a load of glittery wondrousness at it, what's next? Er, if you’re any kind of celebrity you have to pose next to it SO EVERYONE KNOWS YOU’RE HAVING CHRISTMAS FUN. This is the law now.

Or it is according to this press release from B&Q we've got here, which says that 34% of us are quick to grab a quick snap for a quick Insta-brag.

Christmas in celeb land seems to be primed for the treefie or treesie hashtag.

Winning the race for most Instagram love is Beyonce. Queen Bey's arty pic of Blue Ivy's silhouette in front of a glam Christmas tree has had over one million Instagram interactions.

And Beyonce's not the only one winning big in the #treefie stakes. Kourtney Kardashian managed to squeeze a whopping 13 naked trees into her picture – although it didn't #breaktheinternet, obvs.

We're not sure whether all of the 12 most popular celeb #treesies really fall within the official definition, but Michelle Obama greeting the biggest Christmas tree EVER is definitely favourite for a caption competition…


The best celebrity Christmas tree selfies EVER!

1 Beyonce
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Because if you have a mega-cute toddler and a tree with giant baubles youu2019re bound to win in the tree selfie stakes, right?

2 Kourtney Kardashian
2 of 12

For sheer quantity, the Keeping Up With The Kardashian's star has outdone herself. Wouldn't fancy hanging baubles on all 13 of those trees, though.

3 Alessandra Ambrosio
3 of 12

Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio threw every filter at this dark and moody shot. What's the chance she was in a onesie scoffing a chocolate orange from behind the camera?

4 Michelle Obama
4 of 12

Just how big a tree does one family need? Pity the person who has to put the star on top of that treeu2026

5 Paris Hilton
5 of 12

Paris has not only squeezed every conceivable decoration onto that Christmas tree, she's managed to get a cute puppy and roaring fire in the picture, too. Points for dedication.

6 Millie Mackintosh
6 of 12

The Made In Chelsea star made sure her back and fancy dress weren't upstaged by any twinkly Christmas tree.

7 Victoria Beckham
7 of 12

Because what's Christmas without a bit of conceptual art, VB?

8 Kate Hudson
8 of 12

Good to see Kate and her mate have the same priority as us when it comes to Christmas cheer. It's all about the buffetu2026

9 Lauren Pope
9 of 12

Not to be outdone when it comes to flashing the back, the TOWIE star pouts for the camera before taking a sneak peek at the pressies under the tree. Maybeu2026

10 Chloe Sims
10 of 12

OK, what's the bet this is the TOWIE Christmas party? Looks like Chloe took the 'Must Wear Glitter' memo to the max

11 Luisa Zissman
11 of 12

Very fluffy and white to show off the biggest bay window ever. But where's Luisa? And the Elf on the Shelf?!?

12 Heidi Pratt
12 of 12

What's happened to the tree, Heidi?! We so hope her house is lit up like Santa's Grottou2026

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