Beyonce’s tribute to equal marriage is the BEST ONE EVER

This is how Sasha Fierce celebrates good news

Beyonce equal marriage

by Emmeline Saunders |
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Last week, America's Supreme Court passed a ruling that meant gay marriage (or just, y'know, marriage) is now legal the States.

That's why all your mates have given their Facebook profile pics a rainbow makeover, just in case you were on holiday and came back really confused about your newly jazzed up news feed.

Anyway, plenty of celebrities reacted in the ways you'd expect – tweets, hashtags, experimental same-sex snogging (looking at you, Miley Cyrus). But we have been waiting for Beyonce's tribute to the historical ruling, and she's finally given us what we wanted.

Yep, just check out the video Bey posted on her Instagram. It's got RAINBOWS, it's got SILLY DANCING, and of course, BEYONCE SINGING 7/11 over the top.

Bravo, everyone. Let's start celebrating EVERY piece of good news in the same way from now on, yeah?

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10 best Glastonbury moments EVER - from Beyonce being INCREDIBLE to that poor girl stuck down a Portaloo...

Beyonce1 of 10


Beyonce in 2011: calling it "Glaston-berry" and cutting to Wayne Rooney's face on the big screen during the performance.

Portaloo problems2 of 10

Portaloo problems

Our favourite urban legend-esque tale is the one about the girl who had to be rescued from the toilets after falling down the loo trying to retrieve her handbag in 2009.

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Wayne and Coleen Rooney

Wayne and Coleen always arriving in a helicopter. And the fact they spent £1,900 on supplies of Pot Noodles, Super Noodles and vodka for last year's festival.

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Bruce Forsyth

Brucey being nice to see us to see us nice in 2013, strutting onstage to the Strictly Come Dancing theme tune.

RIP Michael Jackson5 of 10

RIP Michael Jackson

Everyone thinking that Michael Jackson's death was actually just a-sort-of-joke in 2008. Sadly, it wasn't.

Jay Z6 of 10

Jay Z

Jay Z rapping Wonderwall (and pretending to play the guitar) after Noel Gallagher slagged him off for headlining Glasto. Nice retort, Mr Z.

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Jessie J

Jessie J performing with her broken leg in a special bootee (while sitting on a throne), and bringing a seven-year-old in an anorak onstage to sing Price Tag.

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Kate Moss

Kate nails it every single year - she looks HOT while getting totally trollied in the mud.

Kenny Rogers9 of 10

Kenny Rogers

Kenny singing Islands In The Stream at last year's Glastonbury. Bravo Ken. Bravo.

Dame Shirley Bassey10 of 10

Dame Shirley Bassey

Dame Shirley's bespoke diamante wellies - you go girl!

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